Happiness in Many Forms

7:00 AM

A.k.a. Weekend in Review

It's true. Happiness comes in many forms, for many different reasons. Read & understand.

A new refrigerator
. This is monumentally HUGE! My roommates and I are rejoicing… the old fridge was very, very old. As in 30 years old. The fridge was given to me though and it kept things cold, so I can’t complain. But after a few months of coming home and skating across the kitchen floor because of the water puddles, I decided that enough was enough. And purchased one shiny new black refrigerator. * huge smile*… the rest of the evening was spent at The Tall Guy’s house with many young adults, yelling for the Penguins to win, good-natured arguing about where to order food from, what game to play and what racism really is about, among other things. Memorable lines: “Look I’m Picasso!” “Stop helping them!” “No mushrooms. I don't like mushrooms.” "...and that's why you don't have a man!" Hahahaha.

The Other Bro is visiting from North Carolina. And also, a plethora of his unusual friends. :) They spent all day doing weapons tactical training on the mountaintop near my parents' house. I went out to "bond" with my bro. Bonding meant that I was able to shoot with an AK-47, AR-15, Mini-14 and some Smith & Wesson handgun that I can never remember the name of. FUN! I also helped with a photo shoot for a movie poster (one of the friends is a professional photographer). And recorded some music! And learned things about Photoshop! When I finally returned home, I prepared food for The Dad's 50th birthday party...staying up til 4:00 a.m. in the process. And remaining suprisingly happy throughout. Even when I couldn't find the vinegar, my potato salad was evil, the hard-boiled eggs just would NOT peel and I kept bumping into the new fridge in the middle of the floor! :) Woot.

Coffee is a little bit of happiness and what did I tell you? Happiness comes in many forms. Church. :-D And then enjoying the beautiful summer day during The Dad's 50th birthday party. Glorious layered clouds filled the sky... after food, it was onward to softball. This meant I gave constant commentary from third base and the backstop. For some reason, I was the most vocal member of the team. :) Equal parts encouragement (for both teams) and trash-talking. Pastor's wife pitches and hits the pastor in the ankle. I fall over laughing. Literally. "If she hits you, I think it means that she loves you." One secret weapon. The sound of the bat cracking agains the ball as someone makes a good hit. Like my dad hitting 3 runs. Woohooo for the birthday man! Boredom at third base = making shadow puppets. "You are our last hope!!" (to four consecutive hitters).... and for the record, we lost by 1 run after 10 innings. Sooo close.

By this time, the weather changed from "warm" to "BLAZING hot." The Butterfly Girl, (the Four Musketeers---aka Middle School Guys) and I decided to wade in the lake. Which quickly turned into "falling into the lake." Oops. :) It was a wholly pleasant experience! Floating through refreshing waters shimmering in the early evening light. Splashing happily. Laughing at The Trinidadian & Wife digging for worms, and attempting to fish. Photographing silhouettes in the sunlight and little children joyfully swinging. One bonfire with s'mores.

*sigh* Happy.

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