That is the Question

7:00 AM

"Canoeing or Not Canoeing?" That is the question.

Friday. The weather forecast for Saturday is RAIN. Yes--going canoing. Maybe not. Maybe yes. What if we don't? You can only get so wet.... The Country Boy's graduation ceremony. Usually, graduation ceremonies put me to sleep. This one was stay-awake-worthy. Pretty violin music prelude. The obvious lack of cap-and-gowns. Five homeschooler graduates. Funny/happy/interesting picture slideshows... and my favorite part!! Graduate recessional to "Pomp & Circumstance" played on the electric guitar! * HUGE smile* Try to imagine what that sounds like. It was like 10x funnier in real life!... much socializing at an outdoor pavilion. Looking at the "shrines" of young graduates' accomplishments. Eating yummy food. Missing The Curly Girl! Joking about a monstrous energy drink.... Final answer: NO, not going canoeing on Saturday!! Very sad. The recent rain has made the river water levels too high. Now we brainstorm for alternate activities late into the night.

Saturday. Final decision: Indoor picnic at Hidden Haven. Saturday morning finds me madly rushing to understand more about Photoshop, edit graduation photos and not destroy any images in the process. Frenetic texting to organize food for the picnic. Still raining like crazy. Approximately twenty youth and young adults in a house. Playing charades, pool, loud music, grilling food, setting up tables, watching a movie, shhhh'ing people, hiking, loud conversations, "Finally! Naomi and (The Trinidadian) actually agree on something!" LOL. (it was the hypocrisy of the Amish. Go figure.) Long drive home with several middle school boys in the car, who informed me of how fast the earth spins and regaled me with tales of a field trip to the sewage plant... Oh my word. Summery evening. Squishing lightning bugs. :) Ahh, brings back memories... and then technology & nature meet in perfect harmony, as I spend a few hours sitting on the front porch, editing photos on the laptop and listening to the sound of quiet creek waters. :)

Sunday. Happy Church Day!! Sunday always means church. Which means vibrant worship, passionate preaching, dear fellowship and the presence of the Lord. Like Pastor says, "The church is not a building! The church is people!" I remember this often as I look around the congregation of precious saints... Oh and Sunday was also Happy Father's Day! Much time spent chillin' with my daddy. One of these days I'm gonna write a blog enty about how cool he is! :)

No canoeing this weekend.... Can't complain though. ALL things work together for good!

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