Hiking the Butterfly Trail | Bald Eagle State Park

9:30 PM

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I have to tell myself that blogging is not as difficult as it seems sometimes. Really. If you want to confuse me, tell me to make something happen on the computer. I wouldn't say that I'm computer-dumb. I'd just rather think about something else. We all should recognize that we have things we know stuff about and things we don't know stuff about. I do NOT know stuff about computers. Blame my aversion to HTML code + my love of efficiency (i.e. THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY TO DO THIS) + my belief that web hosting should be freeeee... always freee... and you have the best recipe ever for technological frustration.

This beast had to be conquered to share real photos with you. I conquered it. Mostly. Or I just left it wheezing on the ground. Not quite sure. Anyway, if anyone wants to tell me the easiest way to blog using Blogger and Photobucket, I'm all ears. Unless it's difficult, and then I will just curl up on my bed and cry real tears while eating chocolate chips (my drug of choice). Slightly melodramatic and a little sarcastic. Mostly because it's Wednesday. I'm tired on Wednesdays.

Enough of this whining and nonsense. I write genuinely thoughtful and well-crafted words on other blogs, I promise. However, I have committed to authenticity on this blog. You get the real deal. Naomi uncensored. Though don't get too excited about the word "uncensored," I have strong personal convictions against any kind of vulgarity so I am not going to use bad language (friends and family know this without saying, but I must clarify for the nameless/faceless Internet horde). I mean it more in a Naomi unedited kind of way.

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Have I mentioned that we went hiking on Sunday? And that I'm pretty sure we've discovered a new hobby. We both couldn't help but exclaim over and over again about how much we were enjoying this little foray into the Pennsylvania wilderness.
 photo sundayhiking-104_zps54ead5c5.jpg photo sundayhiking-103_zpsf183a43c.jpg photo sundayhiking-102_zps8f1920e5.jpg photo sundayhiking-107_zps50727406.jpg
We joked that it was quite possibly the easiest hiking trail possible. I think it took us less than an hour, and we thoroughly enjoyed our leisurely "Sunday walk" pace. The Sunday weather was absolutely delightful --- reaching up to the high 50's, maybe even 60 degrees. We breathed in the fresh air, talked of a million things and walked in companionable silence.. by a little pond, through a forest, on a grassy path. 
 photo sundayhiking-108_zps35109911.jpg photo sundayhiking-109_zps4841dbcf.jpg photo sundayhiking-110_zpscf516819.jpg photo sundayhiking-111_zps6c2f76fc.jpgto sundayhiking-107_zps50727406.jpg"/> photo sundayhiking-113_zps0fa66947.jpg photo sundayhiking-114_zpsea443dfa.jpg
Funny thing though... we didn't see any butterflies. ;)  photo sundayhiking-112_zpsffeacb1e.jpg

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