Weekend in Review: Hiking Adventures Begin!

7:51 PM

Friday. Spring break has been wonderful. Not exactly relaxing (Brandon still studied, and we both still worked the regular jobs), but we got more sleep than usual and spent more time together. There was time for coffee and chatting and hand-holding. On Friday evening, we invited a few friends over for food and fellowship. Our young adult group is an eclectic mix of young marrieds, singles and young marrieds with babies. What that means is that when I get sick of talking to adults (I kid! I kid), I get to laugh hysterically at the antics of toddlers. Why are children so funny? I really did love the conversation though. Laughter and fun times and good food. Really. Definitely ate more than my fair share of spinach & artichoke dip. My Bridgette friend tried so hard to leave the leftovers with me, but after eating more melted cheese than I care to admit - I resisted temptation and sent it away. I AM SO STRONG.

In case you care? Conversation topics included drugs, modesty, Pentecostal theology, history, how to be led by the Spirit, how people start good and end up wacky, why my cat is anti-social (like me-sometimes), children who do not listen, because we have two friends that work as preschool teachers. Those are some craaaazy stories right there. My new theory is never watch children that you are restricted from saying the word "no" to. I mean, I'm all about helping the kids not be tempted more than they can bear, but seriously? The word "no" is very important. Learn it. Use it. Rejoice in it.

The most hilarious part of this whole night is the simultaneous yawning that happened throughout the group at approximately 9:00 pm. One friend said, "Do you remember when our hanging-out didn't even get started until 9:00pm?!?" Ah yes, those were the days. Now we're (relatively) old, and definitely too wise for such shenanigans.

Saturday. Back to study and stay-at-home Saturdays. We have a Saturday morning tradition that includes a delicious special breakfast. This week, homemade waffles (and unmatched socks because I'm impatient about going to eat waffles!) and scrambled eggs deliciousness!

Spring is coming. Spring is coming. While taking a study break swinging on our porch swing and sipping homemade mocha frappucinos, I saw these!

Sunday. Have I ever mentioned that Brandon is "The Donut Man?" Or the "Minister of the Donuts" or "Donut Pastor" or "Bagel-Bringer." Yup, it's true. He has his own office (the church kitchen), where many poor souls come for counseling (actually, the teenage boys just come to borrow some food before everyone else gets it. ;) hehe!).  For the last year or so, Brandon has volunteered to get up early every Sunday morning, go to the store, pick up fresh donuts, make coffee and set it all out in the church foyer for the rest of the people. He takes his job very seriously, because he's good-hearted like that and that job needed doing. We're a small church and when we come together on Sunday mornings, before and after we worship together, we like to fellowship around food. After years of having temporary church buildings and a more permanent place with no gathering place besides the actual sanctuary, we were finally blessed with a church foyer. Who knew having a place to greet each other was such a big deal? We love it. We have fun. We talk. We laugh. We joke about donuts and the strength of the coffee and a million other things. While our church isn't based on donuts (it used to be a community joke that we'd never have donuts and coffee, because people stop coming when the food stops), we found the value in eating together. You'd be surprised at the value of 'breaking bread' together. 

I was in nursery for one of the church services, and let me tell you. Try reading the story of Jesus to two 3-year-olds that like to ask "why?" to every single phrase. EVERY. Single. Phrase. It's like I had to invent new answer for the same question over and over again. 

After church, we headed out to Bald Eagle State Park because we were going for a hike. I can hear my mom laughing now. The deal is -- about two months ago, Brandon and I went on a weekend trip away to Carlisle, PA. We found a little coffee shop and a little town that just so happened to be near the mid-point of the Appalachian Trail. We resolved to go hiking together. It was a little bit inspiration and a little bit pipe-dream, but we promised ourselves that while we weren't crazy enough to go hiking in January, spring break was our time. And we did it! BOOYAH.

I'm not sure this counts as a hike. It was more like a "scenic walk." Either way, I'm happy. More hiking photos will come (of the real camera variety), but suffice it to say that we had a marvelous time. I think we have made a new dating discovery that doesn't include ice cream or coffee, though I was sorely tempted on both counts. Instead, we came home to make our first grilled meal of the season! Fresh air & exercise always makes food taste delicious, and this was no exception!

Oh yes, and we took a five-minute detour to a very, VERY special spot. By the lake at Bald Eagle State Park. Yup, where we got married. So we recounted the memories and whispered about the moments and laughed about the sillyness and remembered the precious vows we spoke that day. We might have kissed, but I didn't take a picture of that. ;) Look at us all smiling in our self-portrait. Marrying this man was the best decision of my life. 

How was your weekend? 

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