Weekend in Review: A Cheap Date & Spring Break Begins

11:28 PM

I have become increasingly familiar with Penn State's academic calendar. When I type "penn state" into google, it automatically pops up with "penn state academic calendar." Our life seems to revolve about the college semester. This is slightly ironic, because I've never been too interested in what was going on at Penn State, despite living a few minutes from campus for most of my life.

The real point here is this: SPRING BREAK. This Week. Starting after work on Friday, we are free from classes for one week!! !! !! While the majority of Penn State students are escaping to tropical climates for untold debauchery, we are spending the week working our regular jobs, getting home in the evening at a "normal" time and catching up with people that we don't see enough. And sleeping. ALOT.

Friday. Brandon was working late, but that's okay because afterwards, we went on a date! Prolly the cheapest date recorded in history (except for when we do 'stay-at-home-snuggle' dates, which are FREE). There's a place where you can get the cheapest pizza in State College. It's a hole-in-the-wall kinda joint, called Canyon Pizza, in the one place you do NOT want to go after Penn State wins a football game (in danger of riots), but on the quiet Friday night... stop in and get a big ol' slice of cheese pizza for $1. BOOYAH.

Then it's onward to Meyer Dairy for some serious ice cream eating. For the last year and half, we have been doing ice cream dates as our mini-celebration for paying off a debt and this was no exception. We are happy because (a) Meyer Dairy ice cream is AMAZING, (b) it is cheap as all get out, i.e. sundae & banana split cost $6.26 altogether, and (c) we're getting outta debt, baby! ;)

If you weren't keeping track, this date cost less than $10. The food was great and the company was even better. *insert mushyness here*

Saturday. Blueberry pancakes, a few errands around the little town of Bellefonte, and then we trekked up to what I affectionately refer to as "the mountain." In my world, there is only one mountain that matters and that is the mountain on which my parents reside. They were travelling on Saturday, so they invited us up to their house to hang out and relax in their hot tub. Check out the beautiful weather!
In case you think spring break does not include studying, we have photographic proof that the man does not quit. He's so dedicated. And handsome. Yes, that's a woodstove. Brandon built a nice roaring fire. So nice and roaring that it made us all sleepy. Why do fires always make you sleepy? 
This has been my project for weeks (months?). I've started digital scrapbooking the thousands of pictures that encompass our married life of one year and seven months. I am aaaaalmoooost done with the honeymoon book. It looks so good, and scrapbooking is one way to relive all those wonderful memories. Let me tell you, that honeymoon was blissfully amazing. And yes, I did take those pictures. With my lil point-and-shoot. Oh yeah. Our evening consisted of movie-watching, eating my parents' food (hey, it was their leftovers--we're just helping out), checking out the hot-tub and leaving funny little jokes for them to find... it's a family thing, you wouldn't understand. :P 

Sunday. My favorite day. Rest and worship. Have I ever told you how much I like our worship team? They're funny, happy folks that worship without pretension. I have a pet peeve about people that just loooove to tell you how important their position on the worship team. These folks that I worship with every week, it's just like, "oh yeah, I worship." They aren't proud of playing an instrument or singing or putting transparencies up on a wall. They just do it. They're glad to worship, NOT glad to worship in front of people. And that, my friends, is the most refreshing thing to witness and experience. It's a privilege to worship God. It is much more of a privilege to worship the Almighty God, than it is to worship on a stage. 

That's all, folks. 

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