A Sweet Stop at Crave Cupcakes

8:09 AM

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On our Saturday adventure to the Woodlands, there had to be coffee involved. And why not a cupcake, too? We knew we would be eating dinner out, so the healthy choice was to share. Sometimes we choose wisely, sometimes we do not. This was a wise choice.... though now looking back, I want a cupcake. Right now.
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I don't do free product reviews. I don't go places or eat things or anything like that because anybody else paid for it. Maybe it's because I am an old-fashioned blogger... I just want stories about people's lives, without feeling "sold" on a product. It's like getting invited to someone's house and then realizing it's actually a Mary Kay party or a Tupperware party and feeling compelled to buy something. It just makes me feel icky.

Because I like reading narrative blogs, that's how I blog.
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So when I say that I went to a certain cupcake place, it's because I have a passion for local food and coffee and finding interesting places, and I probably found a recommendation on Yelp (I do love yelping!) so we went there.
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And it was delicious!

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Usually, when presented by a large menu or in this case, SO MANY kinds of cupcakes, my brain freaks out a little... Fortunately, Brandon doesn't have that problem. He chooses what has immediately struck his fancy. And then doesn't have the inner-berating that there might be a better option that happens inside my head (#weirdbrainproblems).
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 photo cravecupcakes-107_zps63ppwjei.jpg
Our choice was a Nutella cupcake & an iced mocha.
 photo cravecupcakes-102_zpsnnukezq1.jpg
I was surprised that it was a white cake inside, then we realized it was probably hazelnut with a hazelnutty filling and Nutella frosting. Not an overbearing Nutella flavor, but the cake was moist and crumbly and sweet enough to be delicious without making our teeth hurt. :)
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You know what is even sweeter than cupcakes?
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Our dear sweet Devereaux. We do love that little guy.
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