Montgomery Coffee Company

10:35 AM

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After we visited Fernland Historical Park and made a library stop, we headed out for coffee in the little town of Montgomery. While most of our coffee GPS searches on the outskirts of north Houston have looked like this:
There have been just a few un-Sbux coffee companies for enjoying.

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As a parent, the thing I appreciated most about this coffee shop... is that Devereaux napped for most of our stop. I was like, "BRANDON! WE'RE HAVING A COFFEE DATE!" :D :D :D
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We chose a big ol' chocolate muffin and chocolate cake ball. I think we were feeling deprived of chocolate or exceptionally hungry. We determined that one should never eat muffins while wanting cake, because the muffin will always come up short. Just eat cake. And be happier.
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Brandon's cappucino. He has been trying really hard to convince me that coffee without sugar is good. I am... less than convinced, but his cappucino does look nice!
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My hazelnut latte.
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In the end, we should've just gotten cold brew coffee... because isn't this a cool contraption?
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There are some nifty items in the gift shop corner (plus some Texas love).
 photo montgomerycoffee-117_zpszwhuo43c.jpg photo montgomerycoffee-116_zpsoipy85tu.jpg photo montgomerycoffee-119_zps4l42byen.jpg
And we are inspired to create food by those scrumptious-looking cupcakes.
 photo montgomerycoffee-113_zpsaxv0fllt.jpg photo montgomerycoffee-111_zpsv3c0uyfh.jpg photo montgomerycoffee-112_zps4oed2ibi.jpg photo montgomerycoffee-114_zpsomsuvhbz.jpg
I will give happy faces to the fact that Montgomery Coffee Company does their own roasting. And it is pretty good coffee!

I will give sad faces to their coffee shop's lack of background music. There is nothing more awkward than a coffee shop without music, because one is forced to listen to other people's conversations and it is... awkward.

I liked the spot though, so we will just assume that someone forgot to turn the music on during that day and we will probably go check out this coffee shop again. Because I want cold-brew coffee made in a scientific-looking thing.
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Here are some true words to leave you with. :D
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