Pensive Play {Captures in Black & White}

6:00 AM

In my thoughts of late? Creativity. As evidenced by my lengthy ramblings last week. My thoughts have turned to action now. I am re-thinking my approach to creativity and growing in creativity. That personal growth can be simply keeping a few photography education blogs in my blogroll (instead of scrolling through facebook so often. WIN WIN). 

I watched a documentary on Vivian Maier and it got me thinking. Vivian Maier was a woman who worked as a nanny in Chicago in the 1950s, 60s and beyond. She used all her spare time to photograph. Thousands upon thousands of frames. And the most impactful aspect of her life is that she never showed her photography to anyone. It was only a personal pursuit. She did it for the love of her craft. That concept of right motivation can apply to so many things. 

In any case, I've been shooting in black & white more lately and it is just intriguing. 

 photo pensiveplay-101_zpsija2wu8y.jpg photo pensiveplay-102_zpsgfitmyhd.jpg photo pensiveplay-103_zpszmv33fvt.jpg photo pensiveplay-104_zps8u89ixgj.jpg photo pensiveplay-105_zpsuzrfpzgb.jpg photo pensiveplay-106_zpso36ajerm.jpg photo pensiveplay-108_zps87k9ndyk.jpg photo pensiveplay-107_zpsgsrksgsz.jpg photo pensiveplay-109_zpsajrnxlmm.jpg

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