Take (Baby) Out to the Ball Game

4:02 PM

Now we're not big baseball fans, but we discovered last summer (see this post) that we actually do like the experience of going to a baseball game. We experienced minor league ball last summer with the Arkansas Travelers, but this summer... this summer is for the majors.

As if going to a major league baseball game isn't cool enough, this one was FREEEEEEE! One of the perks of being an intern for the summer! Brandon's company organized the event, gave us (great!) tickets and a parking pass, and there was a buffet! I dig free food. Devereaux even munched on cheese and cookie crumbs. I am not above giving my child dessert. Like the sign I saw in NYC last year, "Life is short. Eat dessert first." More like, "Life is short. Share your dessert."

Ya know, I was slightly worried about our enjoyment of this baseball game... because of the recent triple-digit heat here in Houston. Our car thermometer read "105" yesterday. Though I don't know what the temperature was at 6:00 pm, when we started walking over to Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston, it was enough to be hot, sweaty and miserable during that five minute walk.

And then we got inside the ballpark. THE AIR CONDITIONED BALLPARK. I need a new bumper sticker. #IloveAC
 photo astrosgame-101_zpso4zv9hof.jpg
Brandon was happy about the seats.
 photo astrosgame-104_zpspxwzmg8i.jpg
 photo astrosgame-103_zpszu8rufog.jpg
Devereaux was totally distracted by the jumbotron!
 photo astrosgame-105_zps2avpzmxn.jpg
 photo astrosgame-102_zpsgrjzltzc.jpg
It was the Houston Astros vs. the Boston Red Sox (who definitely wore red socks, in case you were wondering). I didn't take pictures all game long, but I did happen to catch the first home run by the Astros!
 photo astrosgame-107_zps4qjpqzz9.jpg photo astrosgame-108_zpsfep5obds.jpg
The crowd response was almost deafening, but surprisingly Devereaux didn't cry. After awhile, he really got into the spirit of things. Waving his arms, bouncing up and down and letting out a slightly-late scream or two just after the crowd got done cheering. Better late than never, I guess!
 photo astrosgame-113_zpssbsfuny6.jpg photo astrosgame-112_zpsvu9urk3s.jpg photo astrosgame-114_zpsua5tn4hw.jpg photo astrosgame-115_zpsequxdhcp.jpg
We were surrounded by other SWN interns, and Devereaux was a little baby charmer, of course... All the ladies loved him. And I am discovering that it is super fun to watch people respond to babies! From our fellow interns to the strangers behind us to the hospitality people to the elderly host who pinched Devereaux's cheeks and told me in heavily accented English what a "gut ba-bee" he is. Babies make people smile!
 photo astrosgame-111_zpssz5yiz8d.jpg photo astrosgame-109_zpssrfpavzt.jpg
Taking the baby to a ball game is an interesting experience. We loved it. Deveraux had fun.
There were no major catastrophes, unless you count the time he dropped his toy in someone's plate of nachos. #yeahthathappened #atleastweknewher #andthenachoswerefree

And I attempted to do a panoramic shot. Not very good, but it gives you a little idea of the view from our seats! (I will work on my skillz in that area!)
 photo astrosgame-106_zpsal5e2ke1.jpg
Devereaux (who we sometimes refer to as D-MAN or Little Guy) even *almost* fell asleep. It was nice to be able to watch from inside the concession area (windows!) where it was quieter and I could stand and sway. He stayed up pretty late for a little guy, so we were able to see the Houston skyline on our walk back to the car!
 photo astrosgame-117_zpsikygyveq.jpg
And the Astros won... so basically, it was a win-win-win day!

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