Gallivanting in Galveston Island

7:00 AM

There's nothing quite like sipping on a black coffee to remind you how wonderful sweet coffee is. This is also similar to reflecting on a good weekend early on a grey Monday morning. We had a pleasant weekend filled with staying home (mostly) and relaxing. Homemade pizza and watching the Tour de France and swimming at the community pool. A trip to Walmart with McDonald's iced coffee in hand (we are not above such things). Watching the baby boy learn to bounce and bounce and get in the crawling position. Church and then enjoying some good ol' Texas fried catfish for lunch. The only thing remotely unpleasant was the errant child at the swimming pool who decided to introduce himself by squirting my face with water guns repeatedly... while his mother looked on. I was so not impressed.
 photo galvestonisland-102_zpse9rmi1mx.jpg
Anyway, on a happier note --- and since we are talking about water --- I want to share our day trip to Galveston Island where we learned a few valuable lessons.
a) Galveston Island is not really a "day trip" destination from our location. Because. Houston. Traffic.
b) You can't control the weather.
c) We have fun anyway.
 photo galvestonisland-101_zpsljen8xhb.jpg
This was our original destination. We arrived around noon and quickly decided that it was super hot and while waiting for it to be not-quite-so-hot, we would eat our picnic lunch and then go find some dessert. I was prepared.

 photo galvestonisland-115_zpsvfx4n58o.jpg photo galvestonisland-113_zpsj2lxgpis.jpg photo galvestonisland-103_zpsit97ufwa.jpg photo galvestonisland-106_zpssyeeqjge.jpg
Very interesting flavors here! Brandon even tried one called "BBQ." It was too weird for me!
 photo galvestonisland-105_zpsiqs19hvm.jpg photo galvestonisland-104_zpseqfhslyd.jpg
I chose the pretty-standard "Death by Chocolate" and strawberry flavors. Put 'em together and it's like a chocolate-covered strawberry! YES! photo galvestonisland-107_zpsajwcrxzw.jpg
Brandon is the more adventuresome foodie type. His was a spicy chocolate (think Mexican Hot Chocolate - good for eating, but not for sharing with babies) and one called "Kulfi", an Indian/Persian dessert with subtle hints of cardamon, rose water, and pistachio. Really yummy actually.
 photo galvestonisland-109_zps4tyykvjn.jpg photo galvestonisland-112_zps8dgez58s.jpg photo galvestonisland-108_zpsljxped0z.jpg
Ice cream baby!
 photo galvestonisland-110_zpsczjazvzf.jpg
We walked around old Galveston and loved the interesting buildings. It reminded me a little of New Orleans.
 photo galvestonisland-116_zpsbadpkl70.jpg photo galvestonisland-117_zpscfg5wtif.jpg photo galvestonisland-118_zpsdzyinx3i.jpg
Sometimes we ducked into an antique store or touristy store... just for the A/C.
 photo galvestonisland-120_zps6ur1lcdk.jpg photo galvestonisland-119_zps69wsfsec.jpg photo galvestonisland-121_zpshz7cqqbz.jpg
Brandon, "You're gonna take a picture of that, aren't you?"
Naomi, "Uhhh... YEAH!" -- He can read the look in my eyes!
 photo galvestonisland-132_zpsmhed6bkm.jpg
Because a day adventure is not complete without coffee...
 photo galvestonisland-131_zpszgezur4u.jpg photo galvestonisland-122_zpsbrit9hr5.jpg photo galvestonisland-123_zpsqbvcvgdp.jpg photo galvestonisland-124_zps2rhekrti.jpg photo galvestonisland-125_zpsnpusytqz.jpg photo galvestonisland-126_zps2ilxxpzq.jpg photo galvestonisland-130_zpsaw0kym8p.jpg
In a we've-been-married-almost-four-years-and-Brandon-still-surprises-me moment, this is what Brandon got instead of coffee. Glass bottle soda made with real sugar? SO GOOD. I LOVE THAT STUFF. It reminds me of hot mission trip in Mexico that ended with cold sodas in the hotel courtyard. Good memories....
 photo galvestonisland-127_zpssxdm80ez.jpg
Then it was time for a little drive back out to the beach.
 photo galvestonisland-133_zpsph2ggv6b.jpg photo galvestonisland-135_zpslt60q0nk.jpg photo galvestonisland-134_zps5lesw6bv.jpg
Where we learned that the weather is unpredictable. And that "passing thunderstorm" sometimes means CRAZY RAIN AND WIND AND THUNDER. RUN FOR COVER!
 photo galvestonisland-136_zps0it4c7yl.jpg
After an hour of waiting for the rain to clear, we decided that it was time to go home.
 photo galvestonisland-142_zpstjvdjheo.jpg
No swimming or sand-castle-building happened, but that's okay... there's always a next time at the beach.

 photo galvestonisland-146_zpsh9nys3rn.jpg photo galvestonisland-145_zps3aogrxhe.jpg photo galvestonisland-148_zps2dfeqgcm.jpg photo galvestonisland-143_zps5r7bxvr6.jpg photo galvestonisland-144_zpst0eqqzno.jpg photo galvestonisland-141_zpsv7cspnlz.jpg

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