Lovely Weekend

9:40 AM

It's been a very long time since I've had such a relaxing weekend. Since The Sis is expecting a baby at any moment, I'm not allowed to leave the area. And so, I am forced to relax a little bit more. That's a good thing for me. So yeah, even thinking about this weekend makes me smile. :) So I'm gonna try and give the highlights...

  • A chai tea latte and an hour of relaxing reading to go with it.
  • My attempt at black-and-white photography. We'll see how that turns out. There was a bit of lighting difficulties and a small person who seemed to have discovered the joys of sticking out her tongue instead of smiling. :) That's okay-we'll just "do again!"
  • 8 books over the course of the weekend (though I gave 2 of them to The Niece. Somehow I think Pigs Galore and A Little Princess [small person version] would be enjoyed more by her). From a bookstore, thrift store, library sale and an antique store. And it took alot of self-discipline to walk away from a set of vintage Hardy Boys books. I'm still sad about that one. But in light of my other purchase....
  • A china hutch!!! After looking at it critically with a "designer eye" (as The Sis says), I decided to buy it. We will be re-finishing it and possibly replacing two panes of glass, but it will work out perfectly in the new apartment.
  • Movie premiere party at The Chatty Girl's house. Yummy spinach triangles and chocolate mousse. Laughing 'til I cried.... " *beat* You're pretty!" :)
  • Taking in a small-town arts & crafts fair with Mom, The Sis and The Niece. It was a birthday weekend thing for Mom, who loves that kind of thing. I just like spending time with them. Usually I'm only really interested in the photography booths, but there was one booth with hundreds of mounted (i.e. dead) butterflies and other insects from around the world. They were all different colors, from brilliant blue to iridescent. Amazing! And The Niece and I went to see the clowns. :)
  • A 2 1/2 hour nap. I was sleep-deprived. Don't hate.
  • Picnicing in the classy park... the same one that was our first picture in Pennsylvania, the family and I feeding the ducks. Also the same one that we played at during our Christian school days. Good memories.

The rest of the weekend was lovelier still, but I don't want to bore anyone. Farewell for now!

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