Words Fail

3:25 AM

There's an on-going joke in youth group... something about me having to explain any word over three syllables. Yes, they count the syllables. I guess my words are a little bigger than they're used to. Even when I write, I'm trying to express things that are inexpressible.

Like every time I write about the Lord. Spiritual things are so far beyond the natural comprehension. How can words tell of the glories of God? How can language express that though the journey is rough sometimes, Jesus is still more than enough?

Splintering rough wood upon my hands
Heavy weight of this burden
Slowly, ever slowly I am walking
This is the cross I bear daily

Stumbling and falling on the roadway
Rising again; it's a new day!
Precious mercy extended towards me
Glorious grace poured upon me

Dust is clinging to weary feet
Sometimes the yoke seems too much for me
And then, when hope is lost
I collapse under the cross...

These eyes, before, looked only down
Now lift up to see The One
Who is called, Wonderful
And all words fail...

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