I (heart) NYC

9:44 AM

Just got back from a four-day road trip with some college girls from church. We went to experience the strange fascinating pleasures of New York City. We stayed in New Jersey, which we called "Little Hispania" because we were the only white people there (It's true!). I brushed up on my Spanish a little though. Now I can say.... well, nothing really. But I got a real kick out of the loud flamenco music they played on the shuttle to the City. After awhile, it started to get in my head. I'd be walking down the street, humming and doing a little shuffle-n-step. :)

I love David Wilkerson. He is a man of God.
We were so incredibly blessed to be able to hear him preach twice! On Friday night we went to a youth rally at Times Square Church and it just happened to be the one time this year that he was preaching to the youth. He preached on "responsibility" and how that related to the company you keep. You must choose what kind of friends you have and what kind of a friend you are. Then, on Sunday morning, he preached too! This time Pastor Wilkerson preached on "The Private War of the Saints." Very encouraging message... And we all liked buying books at TSC. On Sunday afternoon, the rain drove us inside. We ended up at a little table under the Rockefeller Center reading our new books. :)

I love the subway. It's my friend.
Wear sunglasses. So you can stare at people and nobody knows. People are the interesting part.... My favorite person was this old black Jewish gentleman (yes, wearing the little hat and the whole bit). He was sitting beside me on a relatively crowded train. I couldn't help noticing that he was studying a small New Testament and writing furiously on several notebooks. I looked closer. He was writing in a different language, right to left. He was studying Revelations 11, verse-by-verse. Then it looked like he was actually doing mathematical calculations. It was a long ride, so I noticed alot! Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out what exactly he was doing! I should've just asked!

Random tourist lady looks at the crowded subway station:
"How do we get through all those people?" she says to her husband.
Me, standing next to her: "Punch them all in the face."
Hey, at least she laughed. :)

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