Peaceful Chaos

9:35 AM

This is the state of our household lately. Finally, things are movin' and shakin' on many fronts. My parents officially started their own business. They had meetings with lawyers and accountants and all those fun people. And now everyone in the family is working 1 1/2 or 2 jobs. At the homestead, big stuff is happening! There will be a large hole in the wall of the family room today.... OH YEAH! For those of you who don't know, we're remodeling the garage into a mini studio apartment for me and also adding a hallway/closet/dressing room to connect the garage to the family room. After seeming months of delays, we have someone working very diligently on this project. Yesterday, we went to Lowe's for doors and lighting fixtures. You know, I used to hate Lowe's. Haha. Weird!

Anyway, the "peaceful chaos" comes into play here. I will eventually be moving into the apartment. Right now though, it's not quite finished. So I'm packing up my things (especially those 500+ books taking over my itty-bitty room) and staying in the studio. Then, the Little Bro can take over my room. It will be his permanent home. It's good that he's moving out of the loft, because its new identity is "Mom's craft/sewing room." And her crafting supplies had to move last weekend because of the soon-coming hole in the family room wall! :) Though this sounds chaotic, it's peaceful in our house... it has to be God!

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