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Top Ten Reasons I Live at Home (at 24 years old).

1. I feel the peace of God about it. At the moment He tells me to move, I will. But not before then.

2. I love my family, and want to be close to them. I believe the family was ordained by God to be a unique cohesive unit that glorifies Him through daily life.

3. It curbs selfishness in my life. I am constantly forced to remember and consider the needs of others over my own, which is the basis of Christianity. *

4. It gives my parents the ability to speak into my life more often/more accurate. They see me day-in and day-out, and know what’s going on in my life. And in that, it gives me more opportunities to honor them. *

5. It is a mutually beneficial financial situation. I can afford to save/invest/use my money wisely in view of future plans, which would be nearly impossible if I were renting.

6. I have access/time/opportunity to train myself in a variety of life skills, not to mention the experience of my parents to teach me the skills that have taken them a lifetime to gain. So I’m several steps ahead of the game.*

7. It’s a mutually beneficial situation in general. I can help out in a bazillion different ways, from making supper to cleaning to helping cut wood (disregard if that sounds weird to you), and they help me in a bazillion different ways. It’s just so much easier because I’m already there.

8. I have a family to go home to. That means bright lights in the darkness, a warm fire and lots of laughter. Until I have the opportunity to make a home for someone else or the Lord calls me to a different place, I will rejoice in that fact.

9. I can share things with my brother, like an i-pod or a dog. :)

10. My parents’ house is in the mountains, (almost) alone, by itself. Sometimes I just love the loneliness. And I can see billions of stars in the night sky. That just really makes me happy.

*These things are not exclusive to living at home. As a single, Christian young adult, you can still do these things while living apart from your parents (or spiritual authority, in case of unsaved parents), but it requires concentrated, focused and deliberate effort.

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