Fellowship Weekend

8:45 PM

Spent so much time with The Church family this weekend.
It. Was. Wonderful!

-Stopped at The Sparkly Girl's house to borrow a pair of scissors. I crocheted a pretty chenille scarf for a birthday gift, and only an hour before the party, I still had to finish it. Nothing like waiting til the last minute! The chicas talked to me while I snipped and knotted the ends, and then flew out the door like a birdie with my tail-feathers on fire!

-Went to a 16th birthday party for The Hazel-Eyed Girl on Friday night. We watched "old school" Disney movies and constantly quoted them back to each other (flashback to my youth group days!) and hovered around the food table to sample the chocolate fondue. Actually got to see the campus group girls-I really should give them blog names-which is a rare social pleasure. Sat on a floor cushion, making conversation about random topics like Spanish, Scientology and I really can't remember anything else. The night had grown long....

-Ate a "second breakfast" (for me--cause it was at 9:30 am--late!) with The Church ladies. We stormed with our brains, laughed, told snow & ice removal stories, got off-topic and then back on-topic, and generally had a great time.

-Took The Witty Kid home with us so he could hang out with The Little Bro. Mostly they were outside fighting ice and snow in unusual ways, but we did see them both later. At their request, it was a homemade pizza night. The creative juices must've been flowing because after the normal pizzas, I made a yummy apple dessert pizza without a recipe.

-Worship practice in the morning, and then Sunday School, and then Church!! We're still on the most excellent series on Love. This Sunday, it was about "The Excellence of Love."

-The unexpected joy of a "fellowship meal" immediately following the service. Laughing hysterically from across the room at The Little Bro's almost-soaking. Topics were sports, dress clothes, and making the first move when loving your Christian brother/sister. Isn't it great that we get to practice what we're learning from the Word?!

-A lively Superbowl gathering at The Pastor's house. There was alot of wonderful food and the company was class-A caliber. :) It's always more fun to watch with people who 1. have the same standards of godliness, 2. are cheering for the same team (or just the commercials), and 3. possess the same sense of humor. In the exciting last two minutes, we were on our feet, screaming at the TV. And after the game, I skipped around in a circle outside, chanting, "GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN!" Haha. Awesome.

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