All About You

8:00 AM

Soooooooooo... it's all about you today! You, my wonderful blog-readers!

Readers make me happy, happy, HAPPY (for some reason, I say "happy, happy, HAPPY!" almost every Sunday morning after worship practice. Odd.) Recently, I learned how to use my electronic blogger eyes and see that, wow, sometimes people actually read this blog! :) Sometimes I do wonder if the words just fade into the deep dark Internet oblivion... especially when the comments are few and far between. While blogging tends towards narcissism, I try to avoid that trap. I strive to be balanced. To sometimes edify, sometimes challenge, sometimes amuse and also update my real-life friends of the interesting things that happen in my life.

So I guess this is a chance for you blog-readers to say what you think of this blog, and what you would like to read more of or are curious about, what (if anything) has helped you or encouraged you, etc.

I await your voluminous comments. :)

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