Things that Make Me Smile

6:42 AM

The Campus Group. They shared the Word and partied with us on Wednesday night as we celebrated the "Movin' On Up" of The Little Bro and The Raven-haired Girl. As always, I wish I could see them more often!

Bookshelves! The last bookshelf is assembled and standing tall in my apartment. All the books are sorted, alphabetized and organized. And the books are so beautiful!!!!!

Giving Gifts. Especially ones that make people smile. Like the gift baskets we gave on Wednesday. The Little Bro and The Raven-Haired Girl have become adults, so we wanted to help them with all the adult responsibilities... Like health insurance (bandaids), getting a job (breath mints), time management (day planner), sleep (alarm clock), shelter (rain slicker) the pursuit of happiness (fruit smiles!) and much more!

Dishwasher. It's finally hooked up and useable, yet another piece of the puzzle that is our kitchen. This is the first time my family has owned a dishwasher. I love, love, love it! And this affection is the real deal because I unloaded the dishwaser at 5:14 a.m. today! :)

Preparing Food. Like meatballs and farfelle pasta for supper last night. It would've been better if I had known that half of the family doesn't really like meatballs. What?? Anyway, I also made the loveliest chai latte cupcakes. I wanna take a picture because they're so pretty.

TRAVELLING!!!!!!!!!! There is only 2 days until we leave for the youth trip. Just think-at least 48 hours travelling with the youth group! We're going to Texas (land of my birth), we're going to a youth camp that profoundly affected me as a teenager and we're travelling---my favorite thing!

Yup, I'm smiling! :)

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