Snapshots of a Weekend

6:44 AM

Rushing through the raindrops... almost soaking wet... to a park pavilion. Kickball with the Youth Group... The Country Guy tackles The Crazy Kid mid-run onto the wet sand. The Sparkly Girl is oblivious to it all as she plays in the mud. (I suggested that we scratch the kickball game and all the girls do facial mud masks). :) The New Kid rolls in, dives into, falls on and otherwise becomes covered with sand without provocation. Chocolate chip cookies and charades. Connect 4 war in the (almost) darkness. Teaching The Enthusiastic Girl sign language. Watching Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye with The Sparkly Girl and eating popcorn.

Devotions in "the tower." Hands, arms and feet covered in dark walnut stain, which was supposed to be on the bookshelves. Washing dishes the unconventional way. More staining of paneling. Confused when strange bruises appear on my body (they're actually stain marks). Baking shortcake and coconut pecan brownies. Grilling chicken and veggie kabobs. Burning my finger. Pain, lots of pain. Uploading many pics. Takes too much time on the Internet.

I was GLAD when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord!" Father's Day pizza dinner. Sleeping on the way home. Reading. More sleeping at home. Watching some good, clean violence. :) Long ramble through the woods with the family. Ferns as high as my shoulders. Mountain laurel blooming like snow-drifts in the forest. Bare trees from evil, hungry gypsy moths. Beautiful evening shadows. Back home again. More good clean violence on TV. The good guys won.

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