Interesting Things

11:45 AM

I'm now the proud owner of a rock from a castle in England. It doesn't look like an English rock. It just looks like a piece of gravel. But I like it. Thanks, Mr. Darcy!

700 is the magic number. 700 books cataloged in my personal library. Don't you just wanna cry from happiness?

TWICE in 3 days, my hair got stuck in a car window. I guess it's getting longer... I can't keep track of it anymore!

The key to telling a joke over and over is to telling it to a new audience each time. Currently I'm using the "cactus" joke. It's been fun! (and I'm still amused by it, which helps).

Remember that little pinkie finger I jammed while playing basketball last weekend? I guess my forceful keyboard playing makes it hurt alot. And so I taped it up. Yes, literally taped with Scotch tape to make it through the worship service. Which worked surprisingly well.

Just when I thought we were done cancelling youth events because of weather, 'cause it's JUNE!, we had to postpone our amusement park trip on Saturday. The weatherman was forecasting doom and gloom. Three words: Thunderstorms. Hail. Tornado. Ugh!

What did I do on Saturday instead of amusement-park-ing? Work! The Bible says, "SIX days you shall labor." Technically, Saturday is a work-day. I know, that just squashes our lazy American tendencies. You can rest on Sunday though!... Anyway, I weeded gardens, planted more flowers & herbs, cataloged books, cleaned house, sanded bookshelves, stained bookshelves, and helped assemble a spiral staircase.

The return of my childhood catchphrase. This weekend, my mom actually said to me, "(insert my name here), Put down the book and help!" Ah, yes, sweet childhood memories. :)

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