Love at First Sight

8:00 AM

Classic books like Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and the Anne of Green Gables Series by L.M. Montgomery have got me thinking about love at first sight. These books have been made into movies (countless times). While I love the movies, I have a figurative bone to pick with all of them.

They completely skip the friendship part! There is no mention of the learning about someone's character and discovering that their first-impressions weren't accurate. I think Hollywood has an obsession with the concept of love at first sight. And so it irks me when movies completely skip the discovery phase of a relationship. They gloss over or ignore the foundation of friendship. As if love and friendship were completely incompatible?!

The ideal is this...
"Ten minutes ago, I met you... I have found her!" (reference to a song from Cinderella)

The reality is this...
"Ten minutes ago, I lusted after you!"
(thanks to The Sparkly Girl for that little bit of short'n'sweet honesty)

I don't believe in love at first sight. In case you hadn't noticed. Love at first sight just doesn't make sense. How can I meet someone, know nothing about him and then trust him with my life? Maybe I'm so anti-this-concept because in my mind, love = trust and love = marriage.

I do think there can be instant attraction. There definitely can be lust. Since that's sin, I don't wanna dwell on it. Maybe for some people, there can be an inner knowing from the Holy Spirit. 'Cause the Lord can lead however He wants.

It all comes down to this... let the Word (not Hollywood) be your guide. And things will turn out right.

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