Follow Me

6:40 AM

I asked Him what He would say to us (the youth group).

He said, "Follow Me."

It seems so simple. Who knew it could be so difficult?

The disciples followed Him immediately. They left everything: homes, businesses, families, wives, children and even their own lives and followed Christ. No hesitation. Just instant obedience.

Other "disciples" wanted to follow, but couldn't and wouldn't make the sacrifice.
Luke 9:57-62 tells of three who attempted to follow and the Lord's discerning words pointed out the falseness of their devotion. He uncovered their true motives. He told them that comfort was not included in following Him and that following Him could not be put off until a more convenient time. Most forcefully, He declared that looking back longingly towards the world makes you unfit for the kingdom of God!

The classic example of a failed follower is the rich young ruler. He came to Christ seeking the right thing. He knew the need for eternal life and that he hadn't yet attained. He came to the right person to find the Truth. And yet, when the rubber met the road... he wouldn't follow Christ. The idol of his heart (possessions) was far too precious.

A curious thing about following the Master is that He didn't always require everyone to do the same thing. One man begged to accompany Jesus in His travels, and He told the man instead to stay home and preach to his own family. Don't be too literal and miss the point here. Yes, following Christ might mean you'll go to a foreign country. Or you might stay in the same place forever. But are you willing to do whatever is asked of you? Following Christ is about the heart's devotion first of all, and the practical obedience that follows.

Settle the question. Am I a follower of Christ?
Get close to the Master. Follow = to accompany, be with Christ!
Obey instantly and without reservation any command that He gives.

"And he who does not take up his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me."
Matthew 10:38

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