Days of Rest

6:45 AM

A.k.a. Weekend in Review

I tried to rest. Really! I was trying to get rid of the stupid cold that has taken over my head and throat for the last few days. But life goes on... whether I am sick or not. Friday. Photography of The Sparkly Girl in the coooold. What a trooper she was. Making hot beef stew and biscuits to take the chill out of our bones. My parents came over for a moment, and ended up staying to watch a fascinating movie for the evening. While I edited photos and joked with The Mom for her incessant sniffling 'cuz the movie was sad. Saturday. No voice. I squeaked and squawked. Hehe. Running errands, laundry, a nap or two, getting the cable working, using the dishwasher for the 1st time!... Sadly, we had to cancel the afternoon photo shoot because of rain. Next week! The Little Bro, The Mom and The Butterfly Girl roomie were there for supper (stromboli, woohoo!) and then the Penn State/Ohio State game. Conveniently, I was multi-tasking with the laptop, which kept me from yelling at the TV very often. PSU won though. 9-and-0, baby! Sunday. Lip-synching worship, cause my voice was still weird. Last week of Pastor Appreciation Month, so the youth group gave me a gift 'n' a funny card! :) A nap. If there was theme in this blog entry, it would be sleep. Anyway, new Sunday night tradition: Walk with the roomie through my lovely little town and watching a movie. Okay, only partially watching a movie. But we did sing along with our favorite songs. "Tale as old as time.. Song as old as rhyme.. Beauty and the Beast..." *smile *

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