6:45 AM

Here I am, offering excuses on why I didn't write the next Modesty post.

On Thursday night, I stop at Walmart for a few groceries, get home and put muffins in the oven, scrub floor, hold wood while Mom uses power tools, talk to the cable salesman, carry very large bookcase from shed to the roomie's bedroom, fence the compost pile, rake my entire back yard and try not to get depressed that there will be more leaves tomorrow, prime shelves and get my hands covered with primer, make two phone calls to set up portrait photo sessions (eeeeek! exciting!), chop veggies, fry meat and otherwise put together chili for someone, eat supper and have long conversations with the roomie while looking at cooking mags, turn over shelves and prime other side, do dishes, and finally in my room for a little reading, writing music & playing guitar. And then I got up at 5 a.m. this morning to make fresh cornbread to go along with the chili.

Okay, so I'm not really making excuses... more like revelling in the fact that I spent an entire evening doing very homey things and that's just totally awesome!

A quick side-note: I love how my Lord is in every part of my life.. as I sing alone (and nobody hears) while raking leaves, as I think deeply with my hands in hot dishwater, as my roomie and I speak of His amazing power, as I grapple with problems throughout the evening and then am encouraged by someone's blog post, and as the night falls... the cry of my heart turns to melodies. Through the mundane tasks and ordinary troubles of life, God's presence is like air. Always faithful to be there. And I wonder what people do without Him? Without Christ, life is meaningless.

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