Weekend in Review

6:42 AM

Friday. High school football game with the youth group and various campus group people (including The Little Bro, who turned 19 and bought furniture for his apartment all in one day). Walking and picture-taking and joking around and saying "No, you can't play in the parking garage" to the middle school guys. Does anyone else get mental images of youth guys as roadkill with that thought? I know that I do. Disturbing.... Speaking of disturbing, upon entering the darkened church building and going to turn on lights & prep the room like a responsible youth leader, I fell down a couple steps and wrenched my ankle very painfully. And couldn't walk at all. The youth prayed for me and the swelling did not increase anymore! Praise God!... On another note, my injury was fodder for many jokes and nicknames.

Those were simply my harvest of much injury-related teasing of my friends. Like the time I "pushed" my friend off the sidewalk on the eve of her high school graduation. Yes, she was on crutches on the great walk across the stage. What an epic moment. And the many weeks that I used the word "Gimpy" to describe another friend that fell off her front steps and hurt her knee. Yup, I got a harvest. :)

Saturday. THUMP... pause... THUMP... pause... THUMP... pause. That was me coming down the stairs in the morning. Obviously The Golden Girl (roomie) heard my strange noises, because she came down to see what was wrong. Ankle looked weird, but I could actually walk on the heel a bit... so I hobbled around doing housework. Helping The Mom work on the bathroom construction, hanging clothes on the line, etc. Around mid-afternoon, I was flat on my back with an ice pack on the ankle. The Raven-Haired Girl and The Green-Eyed Girl were coming over for a portrait photo shoot, so I was determined to ice as much as was necessary. The photo shoot was LOTS of fun. We scared an investment banking person coming out of the very cool door we were using as a backdrop. I was slightly saddened to find out it was an investment bank. With the semi-Gothic architecture and lighted chandeliers and large rooms inside, I was imagining something much more thrilling! Anyway, there was hot pasta for supper and talking and laughing and looking at photography blogs and watching some good guys vs. terrorists TV together.

Sunday. I sat on a stool to lead worship while playing keyboard. And that's enough whining about pain and injury! Church was wonderful as usual. The Pastor was down preaching in the Southern Bishop's stead, so The Dad preached on "Why & How to Make Godly Decisions." Things I remember are as follows: "Hormones Block Brain Waves" and "Bless Your Heart" (true meaning: You're a moron!" LOL All joking aside though, it was a good solid teaching that was very helpful to me. Sunday afternoon nap and then the first un-official party in my house. Steaming hot tea and freezing-cold banana splits. I could hear voices raised in heated discussion in the dining room, so I would occasionally go to add a little perspective to the younger people's conversation. Was it edifying conversation? I don't know, but it definitely was LOUD! Good times.

PS - My ankle is fine now. Only slight limp. Thanks for asking. :)

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