Weekend in Review

6:53 AM

If there was a theme to my weekend, it would be a blurred sense of exhileration and frenzied activity. And I know the readers are intrigued by that thought... so here we go!

Friday. Out to the mountaintop for supper with the family (steaks on the grill!!), transplanting my herbs into containers for transport, petting and talking to The Dog, packing up musical instruments, watching and/or commenting on Walker, Texas Ranger while chillin' on The Little Bro's new furniture, and the steaming warmth of the hot tub and the bright night sky. Top 3 Things I Miss From Living At Home: The brilliant stars, my dog and my mom's Kitchenaid mixer.... And just when you thought my evening was over... I head for my house. And joy of joys, my roommates were home!!! Both of them! And me! At the same time! Girlie movies and conversation time. :)

Saturday. First order of business: transferring fuel oil from a coworker's oil tank to my own. This was a very interesting ordeal that I don't intend to repeat for, let's say, the next hundred years! After all was said and done, I owned fuel oil, ruined a pair of jeans and smelled like a Texas oil field. Booyah! Welcoming guests for a quick-tour of the newly painted bathroom. It's NOT pink. Really! The color is called "Bermuda Sand." It's supposed to be light brown. But I guess it changes colors with the light... ANYway, The Curious Girl and I were off for a photo shoot. Then back to my house for some hot tea and homemade Chinese food. Then to Walmart for groceries. And finally, The Curious Girl and I go to organize my bedroom. I added to the chaos by bringing home music stuff and 6 more boxes on Friday. We had to haul boxes up to the attic and change furniture around. Try to get a mental picture of me pulling around that massive dresser. It was like a clay pigeon shoot. "Pull!!... okay.. Pull!... okay..." Some of you will not get that connection. It's okay though. Evening spent with ice cream, Bella movie, more hot tea and editing photos.

Sunday. What a glorious day. Church was just awesome. There was this vibrant spiritual life that pulsated through the service. In greater measure than usual. I don't know what was different. Maybe because we had visitors? Maybe because God was doing good things in everyone individually? I was touched during worship, as we sang Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), just receiving a greater appreciation for the Gospel. Awesome expository preaching. And the youth group rocked their Pastor Appreciation Skit! Then onward to my house for a homemade pizza party. Mass chaos in my kitchen with ten people milling around. The Chatty Girl was eating leftover raw pizza dough (eww!), The Raven-Haired Girl was helping spread the cheese, The City Guy had to run to the grocery store for cookie supplies.. We finally ate lunch and the pizza must've been good because the crowd demolished five huge rectangular pizzas in no time!... And then, semi-surprise visit from VA/NY people. Only a surprise because I got the voicemail right after church--you should've seen me jumping up and down in excitement. House tour and hilarious conversation in the living room. They had to leave too soon, but we loved having them for even a tiny visit!!! A walk through the town at dusk with the roomie. Photos of old buildings. Wishing the cute shops were open. More hot tea. Tea is becoming a theme in this blog entry. :)

I will end this before it becomes boring. Suffice it to say that my weekend was grand.

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