*Falls Over Laughing*

10:52 PM

Sometimes I just gotta share the youth group craziness...

It all started during our youth cell group meeting yesterday. The Sparkly Girl randomly tells me that she will never take me with her to a funeral. I guess she had just remembered that I deal with pain by making jokes. Somehow, jokes and dead people didn't seem like a good combination to her. Sooooo, I said, "This would be me and (The Sparkly Girl) at a funeral. Sitting next to her. I'll say 'Knock knock'. She'll look at me all angry-like. 'Who's there?' I choke on my own laughter 'Just the dead guy in a casket.'" Yes, I did fall over laughing. And couldn't continue the meeting for a good long time. How morbidly unfunny... For those of you wondering, I wouldn't really tell that joke at a funeral. I hope.

Then, after youth group this evening, I am racking my brain and trying to decipher some notes that I had written down. The notebook said, "Jonah." I repeated, "What about Jonah?" several times. The Witty Kid gets all happy--- "Oh, wasn't he the guy that got thrown overboard because he lost a poker game?!" I was actually shocked speechless. The Witty Kid continues, "Nooo, not poker-it was GO FISH!" Oh. My. Goodness.

The Icing on the Cake:
The youth group is working on a certain project that will remain unnamed for the time being. As I'm directing one segment, I (being the smart one inclined towards physical humor) say, "Oh, this should end in a fistfight!" They fake-fight all the time, so no problem-right? Wrong! In that split second, The Crazy Kid winds up to fake-punch his friend. Except the punch connected. HARD. The entire youth group was falling over on the floor in laughter... with exception of the poor friend, who was laid out on the floor from the punch. More in shock, than in pain-thank the Lord! I'm really hoping there's no black eye tomorrow. There will be no stopping the rumors about my church then!

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