Home Sense-ational

3:27 PM

All the senses of home ownership…

*Sniff* Ahhh, yes, methinks there is an acrid odor. Something burning??? Oh yes, it is the plastic lampshade melting onto a hot lightbulb.

Mmmmm. *Licks a spoon* Tasty!! And I couldn’t even say which recipe I loved making most… hearty Spinach Quiche, or bubbling Old-Fashioned Corn Chowder and hot biscuits, or homemade yet quick Tomato Sauce over Fettucini. I’m hungry again!

MMBEPPPRRRRBEEEEEP *Covers ears* The 5:30 a.m. wakeup call. Did I ever mention that there is a working railroad about fifteen feet from my bedroom wall? On the upside, the train doesn’t always come at 5:30 a.m.

Ouch. *Almost drops hot pan of Italian flat bread* There are three oven racks in the oven. Why?? After burning myself twice in two days, I’m taking one rack out.

*Snap* The roomie and I went for a pleasant walk at dusk. And I took the camera to capture the quaintness of Victorian architecture, a deserted yet beautiful park, quiet streets and a little coffee shop that we simply must frequent. My synopsis: “I love (my new town).”

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