Keep Looking Up!

11:38 AM

On my four-day sojourn to the sunny South, I was absolutely enthralled by the blue skies and gorgeous clouds. Though equally enthusiastic about a snapping turtle sunning himself by the pond—or at least, you would think if you heard my brother and sister talk. For the record, I really DID take a picture of a snapping turtle. And I thought it was cool! And I kept going back to look at the picture. Because it was cool! See! COOL!

And then he jumped in... Ah, the things that amuse me! :)

Moving on…

Throughout the week, I walked around with my eyes lifted towards the sky. Always looking up. People probably thought I was a little strange. Like “don’t mind me, I’m a sun-and-warmth-deprived Northerner!” But the pictures were worth it... Here were some of my sky-views!

I’ve been meditating on the question, “What do you live for?”

The weekend? Your next paycheck? When you’re in a “relationship?” When you get married? Your next vacation? When you meet “The One?” * When you graduate? When you buy a house? When you can travel? When you have a family? When you get famous? When you retire?

These life goals—the focus of many souls—seem so shallow. Pointless. Small-minded. Downcast. In a sense that these desires are only for the most temporary of fulfillments. And yet... As Christians, we have different goals. A different focus. Something real and eternal and wonderful to live for!!!

We must be always looking up! Oh, just to be with Jesus! To see His face! To bask in His presence! To be in awe of His power, to experience His great strength firsthand.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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