Life in Review

9:57 PM

Last week I read a church sign that said, “TGI Monday. Learn to love your job.” Ironic. Especially since I had just been informed of the economy’s impact on my own job. I am currently on “temporary layoff.” Translation: An undetermined amount of unpaid time off, in which I will learn to be ever-so-much-more thankful for my job and dream about accounting questions and increasing paperwork on my desk. I may be (and hopefully will be) recalled in a few weeks…. The irony doesn’t cease to amaze me. I was always the one that smiled on Mondays and inwardly groaned at every office-Eeyore whining endlessly about how their weekend wasn’t long enough. I figured, if I need to spend 40 hours a week at a job, I might as well be happy doing it! :) Even. on. Mondays.

Ah well. You know what they say: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”

Life Experiences of the last few days…

Grocery Shopping. Normal task, not-so-normal time. Mid-morning on a weekday. In which the grocery store aisles were quietly busy and I was increasingly distracted by the little children humming, playing and otherwise entertaining themselves while their mums shopped. Whenever I see a little one, I involuntarily smile. I can’t help it. I just do!

Hospitality at My House. I (heart) guests. Especially my sis and her two little girlies. Hospitality means I can cook for people, besides myself—SO much more fun! And talk to other people, besides myself… ummm… not that I would do that… :)

Small Town Fun. Which means—antique stores that never end, including but not limited to antiques. I found a book. Does that surprise anyone? I didn’t think so... And small specialty shops with talkative shopkeepers… And a park with ducks to chase, daffodils to pick and a playground to climb on (paradise for little nieces).

Resurrection Sunday Song. Performed by the little people of the church. I loved the hand motions! The Niece (older one) stole the show with her downright adorableness. And silliness that made me laugh and cry.

Shooting Guns.
With new and old friends. Shotguns, handguns, other guns. Targets as clay pigeons, jugs of water, cardboard uber-bad guys. And me capturing the experience with a camera the whole time. The Pastor scared me silly by telling me to ‘watch where I was pointing that camera.’ LOL. Since gun safety was obviously on my mind, I was paranoid for a half-second…. but the target practice was quite a nice way to spend a Resurrection Sunday afternoon. :)

Starlight Basketball. Day turned to evening. The many guests at my parents’ house for Easter dinner dwindled to a few. But among those that remained, several headed outside for some basketball. In the dark. Well, except for the incredibly awesome starlit sky. And some headlights. After our eyes adjusted, it wasn’t too bad. :)

And just a reminder about why Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter) is the best holiday.

He is risen, Risen from the dead!
He has conquered, Hell and the grave.
No more sadness, no tears.
Victory is here
He is risen!
Jesus is alive!

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