Weekend in Review

11:01 PM


That is the sound of my week.. my weekend.. my life.. rushing past me like a violent river or a tornado’s wind! I won’t attempt to review my entire week of joblessness. Best description would be "busy." Let's just talk about the weekend of fun!

A walk about town on Friday evening. No stars, but I still look at the sky.

This was the view after a long hard day of manual labor! My Saturday was spent driving around Pennsylvania. Many hours. Talking back to the strange voice of "Gabby," our eloquent and annoying GPS system! Joking with the goofy Dad and Little Bro during working hours. Dust. Wheelbarrows of mud. Bright sunlight that translated into angry sunburn on my arms! A few moments of rest beside a cool pond. Ice cream. Napping on the drive home. Blisters. Aloe. And hours of house-cleaning with the roomie. :)

Sunday. Day of worship, rest and fellowship! Beautiful time of worship. Encouraging teaching and discussion of the Word. Family dinner of Italian food. Enjoying my new kitchen island! Looong walk about town with The Little Bro, The Green-Eyed Girl & The Butterfly Girl roomie... Browsing an antique store. Modelling funny hats. Picnicing on the courthouse lawn with some pizza (The Little Bro is obsessed). Ice cream. Restful spring breezes. Chasing ducks! Gloriously fun photo shoot in the park. Artistic and symbolic photography. :) Good times were had by all.

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