8:00 AM

East, west, home is best.

Life has been a whirlwind of travel over the last month. From New Jersey to Massachusetts to other parts of Pennsylvania, we are finally home. And home for a good long while. Honestly, there's no place I'd rather be.

I really like going places. I like road trips. I like the process and the destinations. I like visiting family. And now that I'm married, it's like double-the-fun because it's double the family (or maybe it's only 3/4 the fun because 1/2 of the other side doesn't talk to us? But that's a different story. There's too much math in this sentence). I like wedding photography. I like meeting new friends and old friends and worshiping God with other believers. I like seeing new places, and I especially like traveling with my husband. I DON'T like being too busy. I don't like being away from 'our place' too long or too much. When we rolled into our home late Sunday evening, we were exhausted (Brandon: "oh wow. it hurts to walk."), but I was so giddy about being home.

Our usual conversations as we drive home.
"I love our home."
"Pennsylvania is beautiful."
"I'm glad we don't live anywhere else."
"Look at the pretty mountains."
"SHEEETZ! Let's get something at Sheetz!"
"I wonder if Caspian is starving." (Caspian is the cat)
"We've only been gone two days? It feels like a week."
"I want to sleep on my own pillow."
"Let's not leave the state for like a year."
"I need to cut the grass." (that's Brandon. our grass grows fast.)
"Sheetz! you want coffee?" (I don't know why we feel compelled to stop at every Sheetz we see. It's a PA thing. You wouldn't understand.)
"I miss everybody! Let's have a bonfire!" - I like bonfires. I want to have them all the time. Brandon likes bonfires---in October. Not June when it's 80 degrees. :P We're thinking that we should compromise and have bonfires in August. Hahaha... Then again, maybe I like marshmallows and bonfires are just a means to the end... Maybe I should get a candle for these marshmallows. Anyways...

I'm looking forward to sharing photos/words/blogs about our adventures... while enjoying being home.

Home may be where the heart is, but my heart is here.

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