10:07 PM

It's official. I have my "concealed carry" permit. Though I think it's weird that I have to get a permit to carry a gun in the first place. Didn't the Second Amendment already give me the right to bear arms? Yeah, exactly. They ask the strangest questions on the permit application. Seriously, what criminal in their right mind would answer truthfully to, "Are you a fugitive from justice?"

On my lunch break today, I went to a government office. To deal with some government red tape. I stepped into a microscopic waiting room and there was a very bored-looking security guard at his desk. He asks, "Are you carrying any guns? weapons?" and half-laughs. Remember, I'm in professional office attire-looking all chic and everything, and I guess he just couldn't connect that picture with a gun. I wanted to say "Yes" SO BAD!!! But I kept it truthful and just shook my head and smiled. :) So now, I need a handgun.

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