This Weekend, You Could Find Me....

9:26 PM

Making chicken noodle soup and hot tea for the not-feeling-too-good Little Bro, hanging out in the apartment with him and rambling endlessly about literature. Actually, that was fun. He didn't say much. :)

Waking up on Saturday morning with a big sigh. Six inches of SNOW. Which should've stayed in Vermont. Didn't Old Man Winter get the whole "Spring" memo?

Laughing and joking with a waitress when the family and I went out to a business lunch. Her first words to us were, "Why are you all in blue?" My wide-eyed and innocent response, "Because we're related." :) We were all wearing (blue) company shirts.

Steaming in the hot tub at 1:00 in the afternoon. It just felt wrong! But that crazy, heavy snow made my body hurt... or rather, shovelling all that crazy, heavy, wet snow made me hurt. This office chica has got to work out more.

Softly playing the piano during communion on Resurrection Sunday service. "O the Blood of Jesus, it washes white as snow..."

Sprawled out on a chair at The Pastor's house. Eating red velvet cake, watching many basketball games and talking about so many things that I can't remember them all. It's a going-on-twelve-years tradition to have Easter dinner with the Pastor's family.... I like traditions. :)

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