Happy Spring!!

6:40 AM

Just as I was thinking, "Winter is over, and I really don't care what the calendar says...", I realized that today is the official first day of Spring! Yay! Things have been pretty brown and ugly here in Pennsylvania. I don't like this in-between season. There's no snow to make things bright & beautiful. The ground is depressing in its brown state, and the weather report is constant rain. Don't get me wrong-I love rain! However, I mostly love the summer thunderstorms, and just tolerate the dreary drizzling days. But if the constant grey mist brings green leaves and pretty flowers, I say--let it rain!

Spring break is over here at Penn State, which means the streets are filled with people again. College students are hustling to study hard before the end of the semester- only a few short months away. It's all fun--except when some not-so-smart college student decides to step out onto the road in front of my car. GRRR. Stop texting and start watching where you're going!

The (slightly) warmer weather has me thinking about running! I went "running" Tuesday after a pretty long break from it. Oh yeah, I'm hurtin'. Or maybe the pain is from The Little Bro totally annihilating me in racquetball. At least, it was fun! Anyway, I got a list of 5Ks in the area for the next few months.. if you're interested in doing a race with me, let me know! :)

What Spring means to me:
-Tulips & crocuses
-Wearing dresses with strappy sandals
-Youth retreat
-Marshmallow peeps (I don't eat them; I just like squishing 'em)
-Going to a greenhouse
-Puddles in the parking lot
-Never quite wearing the right clothes to work
(too wintery on a warm day/too summery on a cool day)
-Planting herbs in the garden
-The scent of lilac
-Spring cleaning... or remodeling, in our case.
-Green trees, green lawn, green leaves---O, let the beauty begin!

Anything else?

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