Snow, Demo & No Other Such Rhyming Words

6:43 AM

SNOW. Why does it wait until February for all the big snows to come? And specifically, why does it have to snow on youth event nights??? Friday was the 2nd time we postponed our youth snow tubing night... GRRR. But on Saturday, The Little Bro said the 6 inches of new snow made the snowboarding "awesome!!!" I'll take his word for it. :)

Demolition. We got to destroy our kitchen on Saturday. How fun! Actually, I wanted to use a sledge hammer, but my daddy wouldn't let me. Something about using the old cabinets for storage in the shed. *Sigh* So now we have no cabinets and no sink. But we have alot of paper plates, to help us through the remodeling. And "we" are gonna do most of the work ourselves, I guess. "We" is such a relative term, eh? It means that I get to do anything that doesn't involve skill or anything electrical. Haha. I'm the lowest on the family totem pole in construction knowledge. I guess that makes me a grunt. But, hey, at least I'm funny. :)

Left Behind. I read the books. All of them. It was quite an adventure. I'm not generally one for popular modern fiction or any fiction that was written within the last 50 years. Because it's usually "fluff" - words with no substance. But I wanted to read these to form an opinion. My take on them: "Interesting." They truly are fascinating works of fiction. Gripping. The authors' style of writing draws the reader into the story, though it thoroughly frustrated me. It was like Charles Dickens, because there were 3 or 4 or more situations going on at one time, and not one fully resolved until the end of the series. Makes me wanna pull my hair out!

There are several major flaws in the series (in my opinion).
#1. Inaccurate understanding of Biblical prophecy. This is the first flaw, and definitely the most important. I knew before reading that I disagreed with some major premises. For instance, the authors assume that the antichrist will rule the entire world. I believe he will only rule the revised Roman empire. Towards the end of the series, I was beginning to wonder if the authors honestly believed what they were writing. Or maybe they were writing some things for dramatic effect? It just seemed too fantastic or too strange. Granted, it is the End Times-the judgments of God, and those will undoubtedly be incomprehensible to the human mind. But still, the sign of the Son of Man will be a huge glowing cross in the sky?? What?
#2. Weak Christian characters. The Bible teacher is the most spiritually mature person in the series, and the only one that seems to truly walk with God. The rest of them stumble along, run around the world and don't seem to have much of a prayer life. New Christians were portrayed as having an insatiable hunger for the Word (good) and dramatically changed (good). There's not much in the Bible about what Christians will be doing during the Tribulation, so the authors are mostly speculating--which was maybe why I thought it was a lame depiction of Christians.

To sum up. I will never read the books again, and don't think it is worth the time for anyone else to read the books. The fact is--I plan on leaving on the first train out! I'm gonna be Raptured, taken up to meet Christ in the air! During the seven year Tribulation, God will finish His dealings with Israel... but I'm gonna be busy gazing on the face of Christ. Don't be left behind!

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