Prayer Quotes

6:45 AM

On Sunday, Pastor preached a masterful sermon on prayer. Here are the highlights:

To love is to pray.

If you love as Christ loved, you will pray as He prayed.

It is not the mighty that pray, but the weak that pray so they become mighty.

We must come to a place where prayer is not optional-it is vital!

Prayer must be habitual, yet more than a habit.

How does one commune with God without prayer?

If man does not pray, he is a sinner.

Prayer is as big as God.

There's no greater place to learn humility than on your knees.

Every major decision that you make should be bathed in prayer.

Prayer is not neutral. It is either an abomination or a delight (Prov. 15:8).

You are what you are in your prayer closet.

Prayer is an instinct of the soul. We can learn things about prayer, but the original instinct is birthed (in salvation).

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