Rain, Rain, Go Away

6:44 AM

The youth group has finally given up on snow-tubing. On Friday, it rained like the world was coming to an end (okay, not quite), and so we did a digital camera scavenger hunt. Which was totally awesome. We split into three groups, in three cars, with three drivers/camera operators. In two hours, the teams has to go around town and take creative pictures of the youth doing activities or at certain places.

Categories were things like: Cutest Pet, Best Present to Give Santa Claus, Best Parody of a TV Show or Movie, Biggest Snowbank, Best Action Using Free Stuff from a Restaurant, Sweeetest Car, Best Face Made by a Complete Stranger, etc.

I know a picture is worth a thousand words, but I won't go for that many. I'll just give a quick description. :) My absolute favorite pictures were as follows:

Most Unique Statue. The Little Bro's team went to Boalsburg (a.k.a. birthplace of Memorial Day). There's an interesting life-size statue of three Civil-War-era dancing ladies. The boys bowed and asked them to dance. Haha. Awesome.

Best Mime of a Bible Story. The Curly Girl's team went to the Walmart toy section. Think two girls pulling at a baby doll, with a guy with a plastic sword raised over it!!

Best Impression of a Penn State Student. The Hazel-Eyed Girl's team had one of their team member lay down on the ground in front of a car!! (it was a parked car, people! No youth were harmed in the making of this picture).

P.S. Actually, the rain made this youth event so much more dramatic. I liked it.

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