Jonah Day

6:42 AM

Yesterday was a "Jonah day." Or at least, it started out that way. I heard on the news that Brett Favre retired. He was my favorite quarterback and had been playing football as long as I can remember. So it was like the end of an era! Then I heard that Mike Huckabee bowed out of the presidential race. Very sad. But I won't elaborate on politics anymore because it just makes me angry. Then as I was driving to work, the road was flooded so I had to drive a loooooong detour, and I was late for work. After all that fun, I decided that I was gonna be happy anyway. Because Jesus is still the King!! And maybe the Rapture will come today! :)

So I successfully had a good attitude through the rest of the day... even though alot of things went wrong. There are too many decisions and not enough options. And then I smashed my head on the ceiling last night when turning off the light. Ouch.

You know I haven’t had the best of days
But I want to stop and thank You anyway
Cuz every single moment
whether sleeping or awake
Is Your creation
And what You’ve made is good
I don’t always thank You
for the rough days and
The hard times in my life
Even though I should
-lyrics to "Jury Duty" by the O.C. Supertones

But on the upside!!! I spent alot of time with the Lord in the Word & prayer... so that had to be the reason there was grace in the middle of my Jonah day! And youth group was encouraging and challenging, all at the same time. And I loved spending time with the youth. ("Crack is wack!" -The New Kid. "This tastes like plastic!" -The Raven-Haired Girl about a brownie. "You're gonna be a great mother!" -The Sparkly Girl as she watched me with a niece on each hip. And then she stole one niece to give her lots of sugar and laugh at her funniness... and the rest of the youth ate whipped cream from the can, threw shoes and did other weird things.) Rejoiced to a couple answers to prayer, talked about Spiritual Disciplines and chatted & shivered in the cold with The Chatty Girl.

Moral of the story: Jonah days come to everyone. Get up again & praise God anyway!

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