Highlights of a Non-Restful Weekend

6:34 AM

Standing in constant rain to watch a high school football game. Sipping hot chai while chatting about the dangerous obsessions of pop culture. Throwing two touchdown passes in a flag football game on a "field" lighted only by nearby parking lot lights. Uncontrollable laughter while playing Xbox as my racecar burst into flames. Being startled by a deer on the mountain during my zombie-ish drive home... Reading design books enroute to Hershey Park. "Why do I torture myself like this?" thoughts during the upward climb of a roller coaster. Viewing strange native American animals in the small zoo park. The Mom's disappointment when she dropped souvenir cups into the prairie dog area--distracted by my prairie dog barking. Having deep conversations with a parrot. Entranced by grey wolves and Canadian lynx. Vehemently refusing to ride the newest CRAZY rollercoaster. Getting my picture taken with a celebrity--the giant Hershey's chocolate bar!! :) The surprising best ride of the day: The "Howler," which made me so dizzy that I couldn't walk a straight line! Late night/early morning baking brownies... Playing the small keyboard for worship (different, but fun!). The last message in the pride & humility series. People, people everywhere at the picnic on the mountain. Deep conversations in the apartment about short engagements, chick flicks and setting standards. Wandering around in my tired state. Supplying various girls with weather/hiking appropriate clothing. Roasting marshmallows at a bonfire in the *early* evening. Smashing peanut shells with The Namesake girlie.... This blog entry has made me tired. I think I need a nap.

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