9:44 PM

Everybody is different. Everyone has different personal tendencies. One of mine is that I see things in black-and-white. It's hard for me to be cold about anything. I'm always white-hot and passionate about something. Sometimes this is a good trait. And sometimes it just leads me wrong.

The negative part is that I often fall into obsession. My passion and delight will soon become consuming. I will take something--be it a hobby or object or habit--and throw myself whole-heartedly into it, so much that the more important things are left behind or only pursued in a cursory way. The dangerous part of this tendency is that I have often been led into idolatry. And usually I am unaware that some thing besides my Lord has taken my affection. I remain ignorant until the Light of the Holy Spirit floods my soul and shows me the true Way that I ought to be walking.

Usually these idols are things that bring me pleasure. Good things. Not sinful in and of themselves, but it is the obsession of them that makes them abominable to Christ. Usually these things are the "candy" of life. Great in small doses, but destructive as a steady diet.

This week, the Holy Spirit pressed me about one particular area. The example: He showed me that my thoughts were being drawn away from the Word and away from spiritual things. My meditations, involuntary thoughts, first morning thoughts, daydreaming thoughts, last evening thoughts... were not His. What made my soul feel good and what really was good were two entirely different things. "But as for me, the nearness of God is my good..." Psalm 73:28 shook me and woke me from my slumber and reminded me that it is only the presence of God that brings good to me.

May no pleasure of this world, no person, no thing, no time-consuming hobby, no earthly delight, no ministry responsibility, no possession even that which the Lord gave me, no dream of my soul, no friend, no talent or special gifting, may nothing else steal my affection and whole-hearted devotion to the Master of my life.

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