The Facts of Life

6:42 AM

Summer has officially come to an end. Orion has reappeared on the southeast horizon. And school started, too. But that doesn't make any difference to me.

I heard a coyote howling last night. Scared me half to death, because it sounded so close-like right underneath my window!

My "new" chair rocks. Literally. Cause it's a rocking chair. *falls over laughing *.... Oh geez. It's so interesting-looking (read: semi-ugly). Well, until I put it in my living room and it matched perfectly. And the other grand thing about this chair is the comfortability factor. The first time I sat in it, I wanted to take a nap. The first time The Dad sat in it, he told a very long, very lame joke about a farmer. The punch line was "Comfortable/Come-for-da-bull." LOL Oh geez.

The Sis is on vacation. Away from civilization. Out of cell phone range. Why, why, WHY?!! I need to discuss things with her...

Like paint colors. I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on design themes. Six girls on my apartment floor on Sunday night with design magazines spread all over the place did help. :) I have the ideas that I like, and the color families, not specific colors. There's like a billion paint colors. And I have almost that many paint chips laying around the house.... And I have a tendency to be influenced by the descriptive paint color names, like "Cut Ruby." Doesn't that sound beautiful?

"God will promote those who promote Christ." I heard this on a sermon tape early Sunday morning and it immediately came back to me when I heard about the spiritual 'promotion' of a friend. Congratulations to you!

Pride & humility are the themes that God is speaking to our Body right now. At this moment, I'm listening again to The Pastor's most-recent sermon. Yeah, technology is great. Best quote of the sermon: "I would rather give my kids wine today, than feed them pride." -The Pastor. And if you don't know, we're all very anti-drinking-alcohol. So that was huge. Pride is deadly and destructive. God is truly showing us the gravity of this sin.

And that's enough of my rambling for now.

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