House Love

6:45 AM

... or, "Things I Love about My New House"

  • The sound of quiet waters from the nearby creek
  • Two-story farmhouse style (good memories!)
  • Super-nice little old ladies for neighbors
  • A lilac bush
  • The cozy new paint colors
  • The afternoon sunlight in my bedroom
  • In-town-but-not-on-a-hillside... You would have to see the town to fully appreciate this one.
  • In-town-but-not-surrounded-by-too-many-people. After living on a mountain, towns can be quite a shock. My street is calm, with only a few houses! Yes!
  • A front porch
  • Walking distance to a beautiful park… and a parkside café with good ice cream!
  • The thrilling concept of my own mailbox
  • A faux fireplace (it’s better than no fireplace!)
  • Black-eyed susans

I'm not even moved in yet. We are diligently working at completing important projects before move-in. Yeah, it's a time crunch. But just after spending hours there working, these things have made me happy.

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