Modesty: The Introduction

6:45 AM

Modesty. This poor word has been maligned and twisted and mocked in popular culture. It's probably right up there with "abstinence" as the most hated words of our time. And that's why I'm gonna talk about it! Well, actually I'm gonna talk about it because modesty is a command of the Lord. And I'm serious about obeying the Lord in everything--even the tough parts.

Modesty. Are you shuddering yet? I'll just have to keep saying the word... Modesty is a concept that seems to have disappeared from our modern world, and to our shame, from the Church. I can't count the times that I've been scrolling through pictures on Facebook of Christian friends and quickly glanced over my shoulder to see if my brother was nearby. Or a girl walks into church and I subconsciously check my own shirt to see if I am covered properly. Because of Christians' shameless clothing, I am ashamed. Christian girls wearing miniskirts and bikinis and low-cut shirts---clothing in which my face would flame in embarassment to be caught wearing in front of any man of God, not to mention my holy Lord. Almost daily I am shocked by the degradation of true feminism. Girls making themselves into objects of lust and inordinate desires because of the clothing they wear.

Modesty is relevant because I can't walk through the grocery store checkout line without turning my face away from some half-(or less)dressed girl on a magazine cover. I can't watch a movie without realizing that I couldn't dress like that. Many times I have preached the Word in youth group and been saddened by seeing someone who needs more clothes.

Modesty is about humility. Modesty is about self-control. Modesty is about unselfishness. Modesty is about loving the Body. Modesty is about holiness. Modesty is about obedience.

Modesty isn't some fringe/freak show thing for the Amish or the Mennonites. Modesty is about putting attention back where it belongs--on Christ and His Gospel.

I encourage you to stick around as we look at the Word in the next few days... and see what the Lord has to say about modesty.

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