Weekend in Review

6:45 AM

Friday evening I was an almost-photographer. Then my subject backed out at the last minute because of scheduling conflicts. I called another subject, but they were busy, too. So I was stuck at the coolest photo background place yet (Boalsburg Military Museum) with myself running back and forth between tripod and place of photo, and taking photos of myself. Annoying, and not really nice either. Especially I had just come from the gym and was still in workout clothes. Ugh... I'll chalk that one up to 'at least I got some experience.'

Saturday, the family and I were supposed to go to Hershey Park. It was our consolation prize instead our planned-then-cancelled family vacation to Prince Edward Island. Which I can't be bitter about that being cancelled, because I'm buying a house and ya know, no vacations this year is just financial reality. Seriously though, you'd think the weather could cooperate so we could ride rollercoasters and have the best chocolate milkshakes on the planet. But NOOOOOO. Rain, wind advisories and flood watches destroyed that plan. The result: The Little Bro slept alot (recovering from youth guys' Xbox overnighter), my parents worked all day and I read books and packed boxes for moving. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that through the last few years, I have accumulated alot of useful kitchen stuff. So the establishment of my own household won't be quite as bare-bones as I thought! Oh yes, and I wrote a song, too. And recorded it.

Sunday morning, at worship practice before church, I'm just minding my own business, playing the keyboard and singing "God is good, all the time..." And all the sudden, I see a little red-headed girl skipping past the doorway. I keep singing and a minute later, she skips by again. I don't know why, but I found this unexpectedly hilarious. I couldn't sing anymore. I had to stop the song and explain the funnyness to The Little Bro (who was on drums). Except I couldn't stop laughing for a full minute to explain it. There were actually tears.. Wow. Okay then.

This reminds me of something that happened at youth group last week. We were worshipping. It's only me on keyboard for youth worship. We were in the middle of a song, in the middle of line, and *CRASH* the keyboard collapses underneath my hands. After a second of stunned silence, I just kept going and moved over the other keyboard and finished the worship service.. The keyboard stand just wasn't tightened enough-my fault. Ah yes, ministry is interesting. :)

Anyway, during the rest of Sunday, I had the privilege of spending time with two lovely young ladies and my family. We went for a walk by the river, made microwave s'mores, watched some Walker, talked about the Word, experienced the joy of the hot tub, and generally had a wonderful time.

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