Childhood Memories

10:28 PM

  • Penny candy from the corner store
  • Baseball games with the neighborhood kids
  • Catching (and smashing) lightning bugs
  • Playing in the clubhouse
  • Our custom two room-with-a-hallway sandbox
  • Eating honeysuckle & swingin' on the porch
  • Strawberry picking!
  • Long hikes and bike rides… with Daddy
  • The tire swing!
  • The one time we built a massive football helmet out of snow. :)
  • Playing piano with the doors and windows flung open and summer breezes…
  • The Buttercream Gang song (just watch the movie)
  • Making up a game of kick-the-can with The Oldest Friends
  • Connect 4 wars
  • Passing secret notes at Christian school (well, it was a secret until I told you!)
  • Cooperative push-mowing with The Sis
  • The Trip Out West… our five-week-long family vacation/business trip
  • Friday Night Bible studies

Yup, I'm feeling all nostalgic. What are your favorite childhood memories?

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