Highlights & Lowlights

6:39 AM

Lowlights: A puppy accident, people situations and an oil leak. The details just make me sad, so I'm choosing not to dwell on them. Onward to happier things…

Dinner with the youth girls, with real china and glasses and talking and laughing (very hard) about who-knows-what. I think there may have even been a candle in the mix… I love cooking for people! Home-cooked pot roast & vegetables, and dinner rolls, and fragrant breakfast quiche, and steaming hot chocolate, and muffins… Discovering that I have a very-bouncey mattress, perfect for jumping on! (the girls thought this was hilarious---I was too enthralled with its bounceyness to care!)…Walks in the crunchy snow with swirling flurries around us. It seemed magical. Yes, Christmas-time is here with its twinkling lights and red ribbons and evergreen boughs. I'm getting sentimental just thinking about it… An afternoon nap… A PSU victory = probable Rose Bowl eligibility… Lonely book shopping and an unexpected literary conversation with the antique store clerk…

CHURCH. The best highlight of all. Yeah, I was feeling pretty low going into church. And after worship, I was playing the keyboard during testimony time and I just said to the Lord, "I know--usually we come to church to bring something to the Body, but today I have nothing. I need a word!" And then *BANG* a friend testifies about trusting "in Christ alone." Yeah, we had just sang that song. But it didn't really hit until that testimony. Trust in Christ alone. Not people. Or things. Or my plans. Or my house. Or anything else. Jesus is trustworthy.

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