Election Day

6:48 AM

The media claims this election is historic... for racial reasons. I believe this election is historic... for moral reasons. And though I strongly encourage you to vote, and to vote based on morality, I want to insert a little bit of balance of the passionate discussion of politics.

It is tempting to view this election in black-and-white (and no, that is not a racial reference). I know that my personal tendency is to alternate between hope and hopelessness. I.e. "If Obama wins, America is lost forever" being the tamest of sentiments.

The fact of the matter is the America is already lost! The majority of Americans, though religious, have never experienced the saving power of Christ and the miracle of the Gospel. And that is the direct result of sin--not politics. America is rocketing towards destruction as time draws ever nearer to the return of the Lord. But it's not about politics. I think, more than anything, politics may be a thermometer of the moral temperature of our culture. In the midst of this craziness, our perspective must be determined by the King. We must remember that we are aliens and strangers in this land! Just here for a little while... and here for the preaching of the Gospel. Our happiness does not rise and fall with the election results.

I exhort you: Pray that God will stay the tide of wickedness in our generation, for the purpose of bringing Himself glory. Vote for candidates the most reflect Christ's characters (i.e. wouldn't support murdering innocents). And keep an eternal perspective.

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