6:39 AM

I need to be Superwoman... Give me a cape and the ability to fly, and life would be so much simpler. Or maybe just super-human powers. I think that's what grace is supposed to be like. As God works in our lives, He gives us power to do things that we couldn't do by ourselves. Lately my thoughts have tended towards "too much to do, too little time" or "something hard to do, too little ability" or my personal favorite... "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" As much as my flesh hates difficult situations, my spirit likes them... because I am forced to cling to Jesus. That sounds so wrong---as if I need to be outwardly compelled to trust in the Lord. But honestly, sometimes I do. And the Lord is faithful to deliver me from my "Superwoman" complex.

So that was the lesson of the weekend. And here's the long-awaited Weekend in Review:

Friday. The Chatty Girl and I went around on Penn State campus for some portraits. She lived up to her name, and we chatted, joked and laughed the entire time! I said again "Look! A cool door!" which is quickly becoming my byline. She walked barefoot in the grass and even dipped her toes in freezing water--all for the photos. And I smacked an unsuspecting squirrel. And eavesdropped on some Willard preacher clones. Then, fun high school football game. HILARIOUS times in the church van with The Crazy Kid bellowing to unsuspecting passerbyers "You kicked my dog! YOU DID IT!" Hey now, with all those people dressed up in Halloween freakiness, they needed a little good, clean humor. :) Youth group football afterparty, which meant good food and a ridiculously fun game of charades.

Saturday. Editing photos, house-cleaning, grocery shopping, menu planning, and then a late afternoon/early evening photo shoot with The Sis & Bro-in-Law. It was my first attempt taking photos of a couple, and I loved it!! Somewhat because they're related to me and that makes it hilarious... and because they love each other so much, and that makes it adorably awesome... and because I could tell they are parents to little ones when I told them to make an angry face, and they both did-without a moment's hesitation!! There was even an answer to prayer. As I left my house, the sky was completely covered in clouds. I prayed (and unbeknownst to me, The Sis prayed, too). And by the time we were heading to the location, there was lovely sunlight!! How that happened so quickly, I do not know but it was amazing! Anyway, then it was back to my house for hours upon hours of sorting through photos. I did roast a pumpkin at the same time. And watch a movie. And broke my blender. Now THAT is multi-tasking.

I was glad to be in the house of the Lord, among the saints who are also just glad to be together. Lots of testimonies and exhortation and encouragement. And I am really, really enjoying the expository preaching. That's preaching done verse-by-verse, rather than topically. Right now, The Pastor is teaching through the pastoral epistles: 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. Expository preaching seems to bring so much more to light. I get to scribble Greek word meanings in the margins of my Bible for future reference! Woot. After church, a group of people road-tripped to a nearby town to see the now-open-kind-of-in-our-area Fireproof movie!! I HIGHLY recommend it! And as we were killin' time before the movie at a nearby thrift store, I found (what else?!) books and pretty tea cups. Then, home with the roomie, a little Darcy time and book cataloging. Good times.

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