Weekend in Review

6:51 AM

I don't remember my weekend. Now that I have sufficiently freaked you out... Just kidding!! After every weekend, I have to make a conscious effort to remember everything that happened. Maybe I have a poor memory. Or maybe I'm just running 'round like crazy and need to chill a little bit. Hmmm. Food for thought.

Friday was ice skating with the youth group. I'll have you know that I cut my hand while tying several youth's skates. Yes, I bleed for them. (laughter). My jaw hit the floor after one kid randomly says, "NEVER trust a Japanese person!" After my shocked expression, he said, "What?? They bombed us at Pearl Harbor!" (laughter). Then we had a discussion about not stereotyping and that there were Japanese Americans fighting on our side. This is why kids should listen to Adventures in Odyssey. Gives 'em good perspective on history. I spent most of an hour coaching the timid skaters, a few minutes giving lame advice to the ice "lifeguard" (laughter) and some time discussing holiness with the other youth leader. We walked up to the Penn State Creamery for the best ice cream in State College! My opinion, of course. :) And the best flavor is "Death by Chocolate." Does that not just sound ridiculously awesome? And the person scooping my ice cream order yells, "Dish of Death!!!" (laughter). I can't help it--I am easily amused!

It's harder to make my Saturdays sound interesting, because it is generally when I do the unglamorous things in life. Like cleaning the kitchen floor, vacuuming, etc. I'm not complaining though--it's kinda fun! And that is what a virtuous woman does: takes good care of her household. So it's like, training in righteousness. Even though it sounds boring. Moral of this story: Practical things are actually spiritual.... Moving right along, quick trip to the mountaintop to check on things. Then over to babysit the adorable nieces. Trying to multi-task, aka. hold baby, kick dog and put cheese on pizza. How does my sister do it?? We had lots of fun though. We have moved out of the reading-story hobby and moved into, "Auntie ____, tell me a story!" It's definitely stretching my imagination to tell 5 different stories about 5 different casts of characters. Oh yeah, and we played with Play-doh. Which was awesome! Back to my house for a movie night with some friends. After an hour of chillin' at the dining room table and discussing the 'balanced diet' buffet of popcorn, potato chips, chocolate chip cookie dough and soda, we finally watched some good movies. And passionately discussed racism.

Sunday morning dawned crisp and cold. It was snowing during church!!! That was kind of distracting, actually--since there are two windows right behind The Pastor. We worshipped, prayed, testified, fellowshipped, etc.. Heard the Word preached about sound doctrine and false doctrine, and 1 Timothy 4. A perfectly on-time Word for me, because I was more than a little righteously indignant about a situation that some friends are experiencing. We are living in the last days though. So persecution ought not surprise us. Anyway, it was a wonderful day of rest.

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